Unlawful Jurisdictions Act 1584

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Unlawful Jurisdictions Act 1584

Ane act dischargeing all Jurisdictionis and Jugementis not approuit be Parliament and all assembleis and conventionis without our souerane lordis speciall licence and Commandement

Forsamekle as in the trublous tymis during thir xxiiij yeris bypast syndrie formis of Jugementis and Jurisdictionis alsweill in spirituall as temporall causses ar enterit in the practis and custome quhairby the kingis maiesties subiectis ar oftymis convocat and assemblit togidder and panis alsweill ciuill and pecuniall as ecclesiasticall inionit vnto thame proces led and deduceit sentences and decreitis gevin and the same put in executioun na sic ordour as yit being allowit of and approuit be his maiestie and his thrie estatis in Parliament contrare the custome obseruit in ony vther christiane kingdome or weill gouernit commoun weill and to the diminissing of the force and power of his hienes awin lawis be the quhilkis his maiesties subiectis aucht to be rewllit And speciallie his hienes and his estatis considering That in the saidis assembleis certane his subiectis haue takin vpoun thame to Justifie and auctorize the fact perpetrate aganis his hienes persoun and estate at Ruthven and prosecutit thairefter quhill his maiestie at goddis pleasour recoverit his libertie having in thair pretendit maner maid actis thairvpoun kepis the same in Register and as yit semis to allow the said attemptat althocht now publictlie condampnit be his hienes and estatis as treasounable nane of the authoris thairof having cravit his hienes pardone thairfoir ffor remeid quhairof in tyme cumming sua that according to the lovable act of his darrest guidsir king James the ferd of worthie memorie All his hienes liegeis (being vnder his obeissance) man be rewllit be his awin lawis and the commoun lawis of this realme and be nane vther lawis OURE SOUERANE LORD and his thrie estatis assemblit in this present parliament dischargeis all Jugementis and Jurisdictionis spirituall or temporall accustomat to be vsit and execute vpoun ony of his hienes subiectis quhilkis ar not approuit be his hienes and his saidis thrie estatis convenit in Parliament and decernis the same to ceis in tyme cumming quhill the ordour thairof be first sene and considerit be his [hienes and his saidis thrie] estatis [conuenit] in Parliament and be allowit and ratefeit be thame Certefeing thame that sall proceid in vsing and exerceing of the saidis Jugementis and Jurisdictionis or in obeying of the same not being allowit nor ratefeit as said is They salbe repute haldin callit persewit and pvnissit as vsurparis and contempnaris of his hienes auctoritie in exemple of vtheris And als it is statute and ordinit be our said souerane lord and his thrie estatis That nane of his hienes subiectis of quhatsumeuer qualitie estate or functioun they be of spirituall or temporall presume or tak vpoun hand to convocat convene or assemble thame selffis togidder for halding of counsellis conventionis or assembleis To creat consult and determinat in ony mater of estate ciuill or ecclesiasticall (except in the ordinare Jugementis) without his maiesties speciall commandement expres licence had and obtenit to that effect vnder the panis ordinit be the lawis and actis of Parliament aganis sic as vnlawfullie convocatis the kingis liegeis


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